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Taketomi Island(竹富島)

06/06/2016 08:12

Taketomi Jima (island) is located in the south-west of Ishigaki island and reached by a 15 minutes' bota ride from Ishigaki Port. The ferry shuttles between the islands almost in every 30 minutes and the ticket is being sold at the counter of ferry companies at Ishigkaki Port at the price of approximately 1,800 yen.

Even smaller size in the land area, Taketomi will be one of the best places to visit for most tourists in Yaeyama. Made from coral reefs, the tiny island is surronded by the sea which gives you good opportunities for having fun of various type of marine activities depending on your level. Also the landscape of the island has attracted so many tourists around the world - old traditional red-tiled roof houses, lime stoned walls, unpaved, swept and cleaned streets, roadside trees presenting comfortable shades for us.