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石垣島スマイルレンタカーレンタバイク IshigakiJima Smile Rent-A-Car-Rent-A-Bike

石垣島スマイルレンタカーレンタバイク IshigakiJima Smile Rent-A-Car-Rent-A-Bike



石垣島スマイルレンタカーレンタバイク Ishigakijima Smile Rent-A-Car-Rent-A-BIke is located in the eastern part of Ishigaki city called Maezato 真栄里.

The website is shown on the URL below.



Making A Reservation

Guests will be able to make a reservation by direclty calling them or sending a form from their internet site.


Cancellation Policy

They have set up their own cancellation policy. It seems that the cancellation within a week will cost fee.



7日前 6~2日前 前日 当日
20% 30% 50% 100%




Pick Up Service

Once you properly book at the company, they will give you the pick up service. They will pick you up at your accommodation and take you to the shop. After you take a car or a bike back to the shop, they will take you to your accommodation or any place you want. (Not everywhere though.)




The location of the shop is shown on the image below. Or you can find them on Google Map.









You can even rent a luxery car like the picture.