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Road Map from the airport to Guest Room Arun Ishigaki

Here we show the road maps and street views from the airport to our apartment.

Those who drive a car and need to accese our apartment.

Congrats! Here is Guest Room Arun Ishgiaki

How to get to our room from Ishigaki Airport


By a renatal car

When getting out of the arrival gate of the airport terminal, proceed to the information desk and tell what you need. You may be asked a couple of questions there such as which coutry you come from and if you have valid driver's licence. After that you will be introduced major companies to talk to. Other than that, please make proper reseach at websites of those companies for further reference, and all those companies have their branches at the airport building or next to the building. You can ask the location of their offices at information counter.


How to access the companies (at the time you have already booked before your arrival.)

When you arrive at the airport and claim your luggage, go outside the terminal buiding (the central exit) and go straight across the road in front of you to the pick up point. The staff will wait for you to take you to their office.

Go across the road when you arrive and get out of the buiding.

You will see the signboard for the pick up point.

Your rent-a-car company staff will take you to the office.



Nippon Rent A Car  




Toyota Rent A Car



By bus

The bus stop at the airport

When getting out of the airport terminal building, proceed to left until you find buses lining up. There will be someone from the bus company waiting for and helping out the customers. Buses operate every 15 minutes between the airport and the bus terminal in central Ishigaki.

when you go out from the main entrance of the airport buiding, turn left and go straight. Then you will see the bus stops.


Azuma Bus Company and Kari Tourism

There are two bus companies which offer the bus connections between the airport and the city center.


Azuma Bus

Azuma Bus company is the oldest bus operating company in the city. They have several bus routes on the island and the Airport Line is one of them.

If you get on the line from the airport bus stop, the bus will stop at about 10 stops before arriving at the final destination - the bus terminal. It will cost ¥540/person  and take about 30 minutes from the airport to the bus stop.


Resouce: Azuma Bus Company


 Kari Tourism カリー観光

Kari Tourism operates the shuttle bus service between the airport and the ferry terminal. The bus will directly go back and forth between the two destinations with no stops.

Resouce: Kari Tourism


By taxi

When getting out of the airport terminal building, proceed to right until you find taxis lining up. Approach to a taxi at the front of the line and tell the driver our address (8-27 Shinei-cho Ishigaki city 907-0014  石垣市新栄町8-27).


Bus Terminal  or Port Terminal

The routes are shown on the google map below.