A Family-owned Cozy Guest House


15/02/2019 14:16

The listing "**private, Safe & Comfy House in the city center**" is no longer available.

One of our two properties listed on the Airbnb website by the name of "**Private, Safe & Comfy House in the city center**" is no longer available. We had listed this very spacious, clean, and modern room for taking reservations on Airbnb for over 12 months. The private room is located on...


14/02/2019 15:56

Information on our official Blog

Apart from this website, Guest Room Arun Ishigaki will write a blog regularly. Our topic will vary from scenary, food, restaurant, sports, shopping, event, weather, etc., of Ishigaki Island. Please get useful information about this beautiful city at Guest Room Arun Ishigaki Official Blog.


14/02/2019 15:44

The official website was renewed.

The official website of Guest Room Arun Ishigaki was renewed and  a new design was installed. The outdated information and old photos were replaced to the new one. We will do our best to inform the future guests not only to our property but to the island of Ishigaki with useful information.If...