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A Summer Holiday at Hotel Nikko Yaeyama Pool

30/07/2016 12:42

A Summer Holiday at Hotel Nikko Yaeyama Pool

Hotel Yaeyama Nikko is located in the central area of Ishigaki City. Even if you do not  stay at the hotel, there are a few ways to enjoy.

It takes about 15 minutes from the bus terminal or the port terminal by walk.

Hotel Nikko Yaeyama



The pool at Hotel Nikko Yaeyama is available not only for its customers but also vistors. At a cost of ¥1,500/adult ¥1,000/child (if you become a member of the hotel and the membership cardholder, ¥1,000/adult, ¥500/child), you will be able to use pool, a towel, the shower room for a day without time limit.



Both tourists and local citizens (mostly children) will get together to enjoy the coolness and refreshment.



The chairs and tables at the poolside will be good for you to relax or to read books.