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Ishigaki Beef Noodle(石垣牛そば)

17/05/2016 08:13

Have you ever eaten Ishigaki Beef Noodle (石垣牛そば)?

Yaeyama Noodle(八重山そば)is well known as one of the most popular local foods of islands of Yaeyama. Noodles are made of wheat not from buckwheat flour, and they  are served in a bowl of soup with a plenty of toppings. The most common topping is soft boiled pork, green onions, kamaboko (fish cake) . If you wand to enjoy Ishigaki Beef and the Yaeyama soba, we will recommend you to order Ishigaki Beef Noodle(石垣牛そば).

Tan-tan Tei(坦たん亭)〒907-0024 沖縄県石垣市新川2117−2

Tan-tan Tei is one of such a woderful local restaurants where you can order a variety of Ishigaki Beef menus including Ishigaki Beef Noodle.