A Family-owned Cozy Guest House


08/05/2016 12:06


Dear our future guests,


It is our pleasure to introduce that we have just started the officila website of Guest Room Arun. Guest  Room Arun has started its service since last October by local citizens of Ishigaki City. As the southernmost city of Japan and one of the best travel destinations in the world, Ishigaki island has attracted so many tourists as many as over 1 million a year. Not only ISHGAIKI JIMA but other remote islands such as TAKETOMI JIMA or IRIOMOTE I JIMA, are the main islands of YAEYAMA ISLANDS CHAIN.


The purpose of Guest Room Arun is to help those tourists who visit Yaeyama islands and stay in Ishigaki to have a wonderful memory. We will do our best to support and assist our guests, and most importantly to make good friends with them. It is our utmost pleasure if you could find any information about us and our serivice by visiting this website.


Best regards,