A Family-owned Cozy Guest House

Our new listing is now ready to book.

07/04/2017 20:20

Our new listing is now ready to book.

**Private, Safe & Comfy House in the city center**


The new room presented by Guest Room Arun Ishigaki is "Private, safe and comfy house in the city center".

The property is featured as two rooms, dining and kitchen, spacious washing & bath room, clean toilet, and cozy balcony.

The apartment will be well suited for guests as many as 4 people, especially for a family and you will be able to save money by staying together and cooking yourselves. Like the previous listing "Clean, comfy & convenient Private Room in Ishigaki", you will get better access to the main part of city areas including the bus terminal and the pier.

The best and recommended way to book our property will be from Airbnb website and we truly hope one day you will come to Ishigaki and stay at our properties.