A Family-owned Cozy Guest House

The washing machine is fixed

03/08/2016 07:03

The washing machine is fixed.

Next to the water faucet sits the fully automatic washing machine.

Our washing machine had long been not used because there was no water to use. But we finally fixed that problem and the washing machine is now ready to use for guests. Depending on the purpose and  duration of their stay, our guests need the washing machine.

By the plumbing work, the water faucet and the washing machine are now being used simultaneously.


Tha machine is fully automatic, so you just need to put clothes with laundry detergent and wait till its done.



Here is the process of how to use the machine.

  • Open the door
  • put clothes and detergent
  • Close the door
  • Press 「電源」 to turn on the switch
  • Choose the course. (Normally「標準」will be OK.)
  • Press 「スタート」button to start
  • When the washing ends, the power will be off automatically
  • Open the door and take out the clothes and hang out.