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八重山そば Yaeyama Noodle Restaurants

八重山そば Yaeyama Noodle Restaurants

Highly recommeded Soba restaurants in town

八重山そば is one the most popular local foods in Ishigaki not only for local residents but also for tourists.

Here are some recommedations of such restaurants selected by Guese Room Arun Ishigaki.


明石食堂 Akaishi Shokudo

Location&info :  https://goo.gl/maps/QChpc48fnfr

明石 is the name of place located in the north of Ishigaki island. 明石食堂 is located within 明石 residential area and tourists can go and visit the place directly by a car. If you take a bus to get there, take Hirano Line (line numuber 5) from the bus terminal to Akaishi bus stop. From the bus stop it will be within minutes to the restaurant by walk.


石垣島料理 丸八  Ishigaki Island Local Foods Maruhachi

Location&Info :  https://goo.gl/maps/Sf35BeLtLto

丸八 Maruhachi restaurant is located in the northern part of city center and will be reached within 12minutes by a car from the city center. The restaurant has been recently renewed and the area inside gets more spacy. Try popular Yaeyama Noodle menu at the esteemed restaurant in town.


来夏世 Kunatsuyu

Location&Info : https://goo.gl/maps/9mbiaEPsQsH2

来夏世 is a local dialect and pronounced Ku-Na-Tsu-Yu and it means the pray for fertility, productivity, or fruitfulness. The literally meaning of the word 来夏世 is, however, the coming 来, Summer 夏, World 世. The restaurant is located in the central area of the city, and tourist can even get there by walking from the bus terminal or the pier within 15 minutes.


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