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Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal


The ways fo the garbage disposal in Japan are different depending on its region. In case of Ishigaki City, the garbage will be devided mainly into 7 types below.


燃えるごみ:burnable garbage(trash)
燃えないごみ:unburnable garbage (trash)
ビン:glass bottles

紙:papers(newspapers, magazines)
ペットボトル: plastic bottles
プラスチック容器:plastic containers/ recyclable plastic




and in general,


Garbage must be sorted out into those 7 types.



However, Guest Room Arun Ishigaki WILL NOT ASK our guest to follow those rules stirictly


It would be much appreciated for us if the guest


collect garbage or trash into plastic bags kept in the room

and put it out outside the entrance door in the morning

whenever you go out.