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Ishigaki Beef Restaurant

Ishigaki Beef Restaurant

Ishigaki Beef (石垣牛)is one of the most popular food menus a tourist can enjoy on the island. The beef bacame very famous in Japan when it was used as one of the dishes for world leaders who had attended at a summit meeing in Okinawa. Its brand name has become more popular in these days and it has good reputation from many tourists.

If you decide to go and try Ishigaki  Beef, we would recommend you to go to Yakiniku(焼肉)restaurants in town. Actually there are several those restaurants near our guest room, and some are accessible by a car.


The list below shows some Ishigaki Beef restaurants near Guest Room Arun.

きたうち牧場 Kitauchi Bokujo Restaurant

焼肉金牛 Yakiniku Kingyu

たけさん亭 Takesantei

焼肉やまもと Yamamoto


担々亭  Tantantei


ステーキ&レストラン Steak and Restaurant パポイヤ Papoiya


Corner's Grill




The list of Ishigaki Beef restaurants near

Name Tel Map Info
Yamamoto 0980-83-5641 Click griled beef
Kingyu 0980-82-2232 Click grilled beef
Takesan-Tei 0980-88-0704 Click charcoal grilled beef
Kitauchi 0980-84-2929 Click grilled beef
Tantan Tei 0980-82-2190 Click beef steak
Papoiya 0980-83-3706 Click beef steak
Corner's Grill 0980-82-8050 Click beef steak, hamburg