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Rent-A-Car Shop in town

Rent-A-Car Shop in town

If you need to rent a car when staying at your accomodation in town, there are several offices of major companies or its branches in the central part of city.

We have uploaded the useful information about such offices and will try to update info as much as possible.




Nissan Rent-A-Car at Hotel Miyahira Office

Nissan Rent-A-Car shop is one of the nearest rent-a-car offices from our guest room.

The rent-a-car shop shares its office at the front desk of Hotel Miyahira, so you can directly go to the front desk to ask information about the car renting. You can check the location of the hotel in the google map above.


Orix Rent-A-Car Yaeyama Branch


Orix Rent-A-Car Ishigaki Jima Shop


Orix Rent-A-Car Ishigaki Airport Hibiscus shop


Orix Rent-A-Car is one of the major leasing companies in Japan and it has 4 branches in Ishigaki.

We have collected relevant information about the company and chosen three offices in terms of possible activities of our guests.


Ishigaki Airport Hibiscus Shop

will be most convenient for most of the tourists to rent a car because it is located in the vicinity of Ishigaki Airport. So if you have pleaty of time at the airport to do the process for renting, we would recommend to go to the office.


Yaeyama Branch Office

is located at the east side of San-A Ishigaki store and you could reach there either by bus ( Machinaka Junkan Bus  has route to get there from the bus stop just across our guest room.) or by taxi from city center.


Ishgaki Jima office

is located alongside the Sangyo road(産業道路)in Heishin district. In order to get there, you have to take a taxi or get on the Machinika Junkan Bus. If you take the bus, you have to get off a bus stop near the office and walk there. Please check the exact location with the map.


For more information in terms of the car renting, please refer to the other page in this site.