A Family-owned Cozy Guest House

Washing Machine (the room A)

Washing Machine (the room A)

The new washing machine is being installed.

Next to the water faucet sits the fully automatic washing machine.


Guests can use the washing machine for free of charge in the room.

・You can put the clothes and the detergent together into the washing tab.


Here is the process of how to use the machine.

  • Open the door
  • put the clothes and the detergent
  • Close the door
  • Press 「電源」button (the one at the right most) to turn on the switch
  • Choose the course. (Normally「標準 Standard」will be OK.)
  • Choose the appropriate amount of water by manipulating the button at the leftmost to select the water level
  • Press 「スタート」button to start
  • When the washing ends, the power will be off automatically
  • Open the door and take out the clothes and hang out.